Friday, January 25, 2013

InciNotes™ iPad ICS 201 Incident Documentation System 

InciNotes™is not just a tool for #Type 3 Incident Commanders. InciNotes™ its an #All Risk Management documentation tool for the iPad. InciNotes™ can be used to manage a division or a structure group. InciNotes™ makes it easy to track all your resources and resource orders you have place.

Overview of ICS Principles
An #Incident Command System is designed to:
•   Be usable for managing all routine or planned events, of any size or type, by 
    establishing a clear chain of command.
•   Allow personnel from different agencies or departments to be integrated into a 
    common structure that can effectively address issues and delegate responsibilities.
•   Provide needed logistical and administrative support to operational personnel
•   Ensure key functions are covered and eliminate duplication.

The incident planning process takes place regardless of the incident size or complexity. This planning involves six essential steps:
•   Understanding the hospital’s policy and direction.
•   Assessing the situation.
•   Establishing #incident objectives.
•   Determining appropriate strategies to achieve the objectives.
•   Giving tactical direction and ensuring that it is followed (e.g., correct resources 
  assigned to complete a task and their performance monitored).
•   Providing necessary back-up (assigning more or fewer resources, changing 
  tactics, et al.).

From Hospital to #Hazmat Incidents InciNotes™ iPad ICS 201 Incident Documentation System is 
there every step of the way for your indent documentation needs.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Will Spyrison and Chris Warner met last night to discuss features in the next Beta release of InciNotes™ ICS Documentation System, also discussed was the game plan of what needs to be accomplished prior to the March 1st release in Apple’s App Store. Some of the updates will take the Size Up page and make it more “All Risk”.

Beta Testers please keep sending feedback and your ideas for future releases. Your input is valuable to the InciNotes™ Development Team. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Beta Testers Wanted

InciNotes™ is the first #ICS 201 Incident Documentation System for iPad. InciNotes™ will be available March 1, 2013 in the Apple App Store.

InciNotes™ has been in Beta Testing since December 2, 2012. The Beta Testers have provided valuable input to the InciNotes™ project.

InciNotes™ is still looking for some motivated individuals with #Emergency Response backgrounds to Beta Test InciNotes™, Must own your own iPad. Please email a short Bio of your background and experience to Will Spyrison at if you are interested in assisting the InciNotes™ Team.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

InciNotes™ Incident Frequency Edit
The Incident Frequency Screen allows the Incident commander to select the Frequencies that have been assigned to his or her incident. Just click on the frequency you want to add and it will the frequency on the Operational Snapshot screen

Friday, January 18, 2013

InciNotes™ Incident Resource Tracking

There is three ways to track Incident Resources assignments in InciNotes™ ICS 201 Incident Documentation System. 
  1. You can track a Division’s resources by clicking on edit on Command Structure on the Operational Snapshot screen. It will bring up the Command Structure for your incident and will show a list of resource under each Division Supervisor.
  2. You can track a Division’s resources assignments by clicking edit on the on Resources on the Operational Snapshot Screen. That will bring up a list of all resources on your incident. Then click on Options on the Resources screen, you will see a tab that comes up on the screen that says sort by Name, Status and Time Ordered. Click on Status, this will sort all resources by there assignments
  3. You can also track resources assigned to a Division by clicking Update on the Map Sketch on the Operational Snapshot screen. This will bring up your incident map, then click on the scissors in the tool bar, then click on the Division you want to check to see what resources are assigned. This will pop up a window with Division Identifier, Division Supervisor’s name and a list of the resources assigned to that Division.
InciNotes™ makes it simple and easy to keep track of all your resources on your incident.  This allows the Incident Commander to maintain command and control of all resources  Assigned to Division’s or other assignments such as structure protection.