Wednesday, February 27, 2013

InciNotes™ The First #ICS 201 Documentation System for Apple's iPad (#Incident Organizer) is a great tool for documenting your #RX Burn projects.

InciNotes™ is a great tool for #prescribed fire documentation and Event Planning. InciNotes™ can be used by the #Weather Observer to take weather readings 48 hours in advance of the burn. The #Weather Observer can send weather reports directly through InciNotes to #National Weather Service to get a spot weather forecast for the burn. 

The #Prescribe Fire Manager can track all the resources; create a plan and contingency for the burn in InciNotes. During prescribed fire firing operations InciNotes™ can be used to track weather trends and document events in the ICS 214 feature in InciNotes.

The Map for the prescribe fire can be inputted in to InciNotes. Any hazards related to the prescribed fire can be documented in InciNotes with the appropriate #risk mitigation actions to alleviate the risk.

The Command structure for you’re your prescribe fire can be inputted using InciNotes™ custom feature in the Command Structure for creating custom positions. All your frequencies for your prescribe fire can be preloaded and preset into InciNotes™ Frequencies feature.

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