Wednesday, March 13, 2013

InciNotes™ The First #ICS 201 Documentation System for Apple's iPad (#Incident Organizer) Available on Apple’s App Store.

Incident Transition

InciNotes™ assist with transfer of command from a Type 3 to a Type 2 incident management team. InciNotes™ allows the Type 3 Incident Commander to send a real time report to incoming Type 2. This report will give them Incident information on all aspects of the incident prior to arrival.

This will put the incoming Type 2 Team ahead of the power curve. This report can be sent to all team members that have the ability to retrieve the report from their mobile technology devices.

Transfer of Command

The following guidelines will assist in the transfer of incident command
responsibilities from the local unit to incoming Incident Management Team and back to the local unit.

• The local team or organization already in place remains in charge until the local representative briefs their counterparts on the incoming team, a Delegation of Authority has been signed, and a mutually agreed time for transfer of command has been established.

• The ordering unit will specify times of arrival and transfer of command, and discuss these timeframes with both the incoming and outgoing command structures.

• Clear lines of authority must be maintained in order to minimize confusion and maintain operational control.

• Transfers of command should occur at the beginning of an operational period, whenever possible.

• All operational personnel will be notified on incident command frequencies when transfer of command occurs.

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