Friday, April 26, 2013

InciNotes™ SIMPLIFIES the required documentation ICS 201 process for aspects of Incident Management.
How does it do it? Here's what it features at the minimum:
• Incident Size Up
• Resource Status Tracking
• All Safety Considerations
• Complete Complexity Analysis
• Incident Objectives
• Primary and Contingency Planning
• Incident Events (ICS214 Unit Log)
• Hazard Mitigation 
• Tracking Weather Trends
• Immediate on the Spot Weather Forecast 
• Incident Map Sketching Abilities
• Incident Command Structure
• Frequency Management
• Real time reports

InciNotes for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Monday, April 22, 2013

ICT3's Checkout this great iPad application. This tool can help simplify your job!
InciNotes The First ICS 201 iPad Application - YouTube

Thursday, April 18, 2013

ICS 201 Training Tool
ICS 201 training app for iPad can improve IC hot seat experience.

InciNotes™ is a great documentation tool for use in training when practicing and honing your Incident Command Leadership skills using sand table exercises.

Practicing your Incident Command skills using InciNotes™ on sand table exercises will familiarize you with all the features and uses of the application so when the response goes out you can start doing incident documentation with the use of InciNotes™.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

InciNotes™ SIMPLIFIES the required documentation ICS 201 process for aspects of Incident Management:

InciNotes™, is an exclusive and the first of its kind ICS 201 documentation application for the iPad™. InciNotes™ follows the Standard Operating Procedures for Incident Commanders in Region 5 of the United States Forest Service, National Wild Fire Coordinating Group and "Red Book" - National Interagency Fire Center and most importantly is NIMS compliant.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

InciNotes™ Spot Weather Forecast Sample
InciNotes™ makes requesting National Weather Spot Weather Forecast as simple as point and click with your finger. InciNotes™ Spot Weather Request fills out the form from your weather readings taken for the incident. Then with a finger click on submit it send the Request For Spot Weather form to the closet National Weather Service office that can provide a Fire Weather Spot Forecast. It’s just that simple. This eliminates the need to go through your dispatch office. The National Weather Service will send the Spot Weather Forecast directly to your iPad once it is completed. This will give the Incident Commander real time support from the National Weather Service.

InciNotes™ The First #ICS 201 Documentation System for Apple's iPad (#Incident Organizer) Available on Apple’s iTunes store.

Check out what the Firefighters are saying about this Great Incident Documentation application
InciNotes™ (iPad Incident Organizer) provides the Incident Commander all the tools necessary to document every aspect of the incident and to show what his or hers Leaders Intent was at the time. 

Check out InciNotes Overview videos on YouTube.

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