Tuesday, May 27, 2014

INciNotes™ Command Vehicle ipad

‪#‎ICT3‬'s & Emergency Responders, with all the fires going on here is solution to help simplify your job check out this iPad Application InciNotes™ ‪#‎ICS‬ 201 for iPad. The iPad with InciNotes™ is portable adaptable to all Incident Command Situations. Complete interactive #ICS 201 and #ICS 214 for documenting all aspects of your Incident!http://ow.ly/xizUG

Monday, May 19, 2014

Incident Command Transition

#Firefighters & #First Responders Check This Out Now! InciNotes™ Innovative ICS 201 Incident Documentation System Apple's iPad (#Incident Organizer) Available on Apple’s App Store.

InciNotes™ assists with transfer of command from a Type 3 to a Type 2 incident. InciNotes™ allows the Type 3 #Incident Commander to send a real time report to incoming Type 2 #Incident Commander. This report will give them Incident information on all aspects of the incident prior to arrival. 

This will put the incoming #Type 2 Team ahead of the power curve. This report can be sent to all team members that have the ability to retrieve the report from their mobile technology devices. http://ow.ly/rIKew

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Look Whats Being Said About InciNotes™ First Of Its Kind ‪#‎ICS‬ 201 iPad!

InciNotes has revolutionized the #ICS 201 documentation process, InciNotes takes the pen and paper out of your hand into the iPad it makes #‎incident documentation so much easier as InciNotes documents all aspects of your incident with the click of a finger or simple typing. InciNotes date and time stamps all your inputs so there is no question when you made a decision or created your incident objectives.

I am amazed how InciNotes handles risk mitigation and #‎spot weather forecast within the application. InciNotes puts incident command documentation into the digital age of the iPad. Highly recommend InciNotes for all your incident documentation needs! If you don’t own an iPad, InciNotes is a great reason to go buy one. #‎Mark Aguirre United States Forest Prevention Battalion Chief #‎Angeles National Forest

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Incident Safety

#ICT3’s Incident Safety Documentation Simplified! InciNotes™ Provides The Tools to Document All Aspects Of #Incident Safety! http://ow.ly/pzyKC

Friday, May 2, 2014

Waldo Canyon Fire

Waldo Canyon Fire Excerpt:

Real-time documentation. Use “scribes” to track real-time information for record keeping and serve as a communication link between locations when primary staff is busy with their duties.

InciNotes™ the first #ICS 201 INCIDENT DOCUMENTATION SYSTEM (Incident Organizer*) for the iPad is designed to take care of such problems as they experienced #Waldo Canyon Fire with incident documentation. 

When there is a problem or perceived problem. InciNotes™ Incident Documentation System is there for the #Incident Commander to document all of his or her action on the incident and to send out real time #ICS 201 reports to those that need to be in the know. http://ow.ly/whG8k