Saturday, June 28, 2014

Incident Command System 214 Made Easy!

InciNotes™ is an exclusive and the first of its kind #ICS 201 & #ICS 214 documentation application for the iPad™.

Incident Documentation (ICS 214) is the most important part of your #ICS 201. The #ICS 214 documents events of critical importance. InciNotes™ has the ICS 214 built into the application and it makes it easy and simple to document your critical and non-critical events. Documenting critical events is so import especially is your actions are questioned or something is perceived to have gone wrong. With good solid documentation you’re actions and your leaders intent can be questioned but not disputed.

InciNotes™ (#iPad Incident Organizer) provides the #Incident Commander all the tools necessary to document every aspect of the incident and to show what his or hers Leaders Intent was at the time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


ITC3’s And Emergency Responders Read This Now! Heres What Editor Steve Lutz OF #UTAH FIRE & RESCUE ACADEMY #Straight Tip Magazine Has To Say About InciNotes Innovative #ICS 201 Incident Documentation System iPad.