Tuesday, August 27, 2013

ICS 201 Made Simple!

Creating a Command Structure in InciNotes™ Is Simple & Point Click #ICS 201 Made Easy! InciNotes™ Is An #Incident Commander’s Dream Tool To Simplify  His Or Hers Job!

InciNotes™ ICS 201 Incident Organizer

InciNotes™ #ICS 201 Incident Organizer #iPad comes with lifetime updates. All of our clients will have exclusive first look at any new products that are currently in development and have input on these exclusive new applications. Visit the iTunes store NOW and be the first in your department to have it. http://ow.ly/oj9tw

Friday, August 23, 2013

Still Using Paper ICS 201 Forms for Incidents?

Still Using Paper #ICS 201 Forms for Incidents? That's INSANE! InciNotes™ First Of Its Kind ICS 201 For #iPad No More Forms No More Paper! Real Time Reports!http://ow.ly/odoQa

Spot Weather Forecast For ICT3'S

ICT3’S Instant ‪#‎Spot‬ Weather Forecast From ‪#‎National‬ Weather Service With a Few Clicks Using InciNotes™ ‪#‎ICS‬ 201 iPad! Just Amazing How You Can Bypass Dispatch Retrieve Your #Spot Weather Forecast Right From InciNotes™ Directly To Your Incident! http://ow.ly/oaMcK

Thursday, August 22, 2013

WOW! Heres What Wesley Delk Director Montgomery County #Emergency Management Agency Kentucky Has To Say About InciNotes™

WOW! Heres What Wesley Delk Director Montgomery County #Emergency Management Agency Kentucky Has To Say About InciNotes™, The First Of its Kind #ICS 201 I used InciNotes today for a regional #HAZMAT exercise and it went pretty well. In fact some of the prompts helped us move forward in moving along the planning P. I love your app and feel it could be the ultimate all #hazards management tool! http://ow.ly/oaMcK

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

CheckOut This Cool Incident Command System ICS 201 Reports Tool

Checkout This Cool InciNotes™ #ICS 201 iPad Reports Feature Provides Proven Professional Results! #ICT3’s Send Detailed Reports From your Incident In Real Time To Whoever Needs To Be In The Know!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

InciNotes™ & #ICS Toolbox InciNotes Table Top Exercise

InciNotes™ & #ICS Toolbox InciNotes Facilitating HAZMAT Tank leak With ExxonMobil. 3 Dimensional Scenario’s, Amazing Tool for #Incident Command Training. InciNotes #ICS 201 In Action. http://ow.ly/nSO7V

InciNotes™ & ICS Toolbox Amazing Training Tools

InciNotes™ & #ICS Toolbox Amazing Training Tools For Law Enforcement & Fire. InciNotes™ is an Exclusive And The First Of Its Kind#ICS 201 & #ICS 214 Documentation Application For The iPad™. http://ow.ly/nSO7V

Monday, August 19, 2013

Will Demoing InciNotes Exclusive first of a kind ICS 201

Will Demoing InciNotes Exclusive first of a kind #ICS 201 for iPad for ExxonMobile. Checkout this amazing I#ncident Command Tool at http://ow.ly/nSO7V


Congratulations to Polo Rodriguez, Rudy Madrano (‪#‎InciNotes™ Users) Ramiro Gomez, Tim Vanderveen for receiving awards from California Senate and Assembly.