Friday, December 21, 2012

InciNotes ™ Beta Testers Team,

I wanted to bring you up to date on where the InciNotes™ project is at in the Beta Testing.  Chris Warner and I met Tuesday night to discuss updates to the InciNotes™ ICS 201 Incident Documentation System. 

We went over all the feedback that the Beta Testers have provided to us thus far in the Beta Testing.  We appreciate all your thoughts, ideas and feed back on how to make InciNotes™ a better iPad application. Some of the features that you have shared that you would like to see in future versions have been taken into consideration and may be used in the next release of the application or future releases. The InciNotes™ Team is planning on future Incident Command System iPad applications to provide a whole suite of Incident Command System tools for the Emergency Responder.

Chris Warner Co Founder and application developer’s main focus for the next release will be enhancements to the Sketch Map and Command Structure.  For this next release Chris’s to do list is the smallest it’s ever been since we started the project two years ago.
The iPad has a great user interface interface for this kind of application, but take into to consideration this is not a laptop computer so it has limited storage and memory as compared to the Laptop. 

Chris and I  participated in a webinar several weeks ago on mobile technology put on by on by Lessons Learned Center. Mobile Technologies in Fire and Aviation Management - Esther Godson, November 20, 1 PM MST   -View Webinar Recording. I am sure you would find this recording of the webinar interesting and informative so I recommend watching it, there were over 400 people participating. Mobile Technologies in Emergency Response is where the future is headed.

The InciNotes™ Team has set a date of March 1, 2013 to be released in Apples iPad App Store.  Please keep the feedback, thoughts and ideas coming. We like hearing from the Beta Testers. Thanks for all your work in Beta Testing InciNotes™.

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