Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Did you know that it is the Incident Commanders responsibility to make safety of firefighters and the public the highest priority?  When a potentially life-threatening situation exists, supersede natural and cultural resource considerations if necessary to provide for safety. inciNotes™ ICS 201 Incident Documentation System provides tools to the Incident Commander to meet his responsibility as it pertains to Incident Safety and risk Mitigation

Incident Safety & Incident Commander Checklist

The incident safety screen screen allows the Incident Commander to document all aspects of incident safety, Lookouts, communications, escape routes , safety zones. All required safety checklists that Incident commander is responsible for assuring are followed can be inputted in this screen and our documented by date and time of input. The Incident Commander Checklist lets the Incident Commander check off the list of his responsibilities and is document by date and time of inputted check offs.

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