Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The question was posed today what is the definition of an Incident Command System 201?

Purpose: The Incident Briefing form provides the Incident Commander (and the Command and General Staffs assuming command of the incident) with basic information regarding the incident situation and the resources allocated to the incident. It also serves as a permanent record of the initial response to the incident. 

The briefing is prepared by the Incident Commander for presentation to the 
incoming Incident Commander along with a more detailed oral briefing. Proper symbology should be used when preparing a map of the incident. 

After the initial briefing of the Incident Commander and General Staff members, the Incident Briefing is duplicated and distributed to the Command Staff, Section Chiefs, Branch Directors, Division/GroupSupervisors, and appropriate Planning and Logistics Section Unit Leaders. The sketch map and summary of current action portions of the briefing form are given to the Situation Unit while the Current Organization and Resources Summary portion are given to the Resources Unit. 

InciNotes™ is the first #ICS 201 Documentation System for the Apple ipad it makes #Incident documentation simple and easy. InciNotes™ takes the pin out of the hand of the Incident scribe and allows the scribe to use the iPad to simplify the documentation process.

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