Friday, January 18, 2013

InciNotes™ Incident Resource Tracking

There is three ways to track Incident Resources assignments in InciNotes™ ICS 201 Incident Documentation System. 
  1. You can track a Division’s resources by clicking on edit on Command Structure on the Operational Snapshot screen. It will bring up the Command Structure for your incident and will show a list of resource under each Division Supervisor.
  2. You can track a Division’s resources assignments by clicking edit on the on Resources on the Operational Snapshot Screen. That will bring up a list of all resources on your incident. Then click on Options on the Resources screen, you will see a tab that comes up on the screen that says sort by Name, Status and Time Ordered. Click on Status, this will sort all resources by there assignments
  3. You can also track resources assigned to a Division by clicking Update on the Map Sketch on the Operational Snapshot screen. This will bring up your incident map, then click on the scissors in the tool bar, then click on the Division you want to check to see what resources are assigned. This will pop up a window with Division Identifier, Division Supervisor’s name and a list of the resources assigned to that Division.
InciNotes™ makes it simple and easy to keep track of all your resources on your incident.  This allows the Incident Commander to maintain command and control of all resources  Assigned to Division’s or other assignments such as structure protection.

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