Sunday, March 3, 2013

InciNotes™ iPad ICS 201 Incident Documentation System

InciNotes™is not just a tool for #Type 3 Incident Commanders. InciNotes™ its an #All Risk Management documentation tool for the iPad. InciNotes™ can be used to manage a division or a structure group. InciNotes™ makes it easy to track all your resources and resource orders you have placed.

Overview of ICS Principles

An #Incident Command System is designed to:

• Be usable for managing all routine or planned events, of any size or type, by establishing a clear chain of command.
• Allow personnel from different agencies or departments to be integrated into a common structure that can effectively address issues and delegate responsibilities.
• Provide needed logistical and administrative support to operational personnel
• Ensure key functions are covered and eliminate duplication.

The incident planning process takes place regardless of the incident size or complexity. This planning involves six essential steps:

• Understanding the hospital’s policy and direction.
• Assessing the situation.
• Establishing #incident objectives.
• Determining appropriate strategies to achieve the objectives.
• Giving tactical direction and ensuring that it is followed (e.g., correct resources assigned to complete a task and their performance monitored).
• Providing necessary back-up (assigning more or fewer resources, changing tactics, et al.).

From Hospital to #Hazmat Incidents InciNotes™ iPad ICS 201 Incident Documentation System is there every step of the way for your indent documentation needs.

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