Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Look Whats Being Said About InciNotes™ First Of Its Kind ‪#‎ICS‬ 201 iPad!

InciNotes has revolutionized the #ICS 201 documentation process, InciNotes takes the pen and paper out of your hand into the iPad it makes #‎incident documentation so much easier as InciNotes documents all aspects of your incident with the click of a finger or simple typing. InciNotes date and time stamps all your inputs so there is no question when you made a decision or created your incident objectives.

I am amazed how InciNotes handles risk mitigation and #‎spot weather forecast within the application. InciNotes puts incident command documentation into the digital age of the iPad. Highly recommend InciNotes for all your incident documentation needs! If you don’t own an iPad, InciNotes is a great reason to go buy one. #‎Mark Aguirre United States Forest Prevention Battalion Chief #‎Angeles National Forest

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